What is IMEPAC? 

The Institute of Makers of Explosives Political Action Committee (IMEPAC) is a voluntary and nonpartisan committee that provides financial support for Republicans and Democrats who support policies that align with IME’s mission for a safe, secure, and prosperous commercial explosives industry. 

IMEPAC is the only PAC that exists solely to promote the commercial explosives industry.

IMEPAC allows employees of IME member companies to voluntarily pool their resources together to provide support for candidates for federal office and ensure the voice of the commercial explosives industry is heard.

Why is IMEPAC important? 

IMEPAC provides a unique opportunity for you to stay engaged in the political process as a means to collectively promote the interests of the commercial explosives industry. Together, we can promote and protect candidates who understand and believe in the value of our industry. As government regulations become increasingly complicated for our industry to navigate, IMEPAC provides an opportunity for employees of the commercial explosives industry to organize themselves to be a productive part of the political process.

How Do I Participate? 

In order to participate in the IMEPAC, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires IMEPAC to receive Prior Approval from your company. While anyone from an IME member company may grant Prior Approval, IME recommends that the Primary or Alternate Governor sign the form.

Note, granting Prior Approval does not require anyone to make a contribution. It simply gives IME permission to communicate to eligible employees in your company information about IMEPAC and the role it plays in advancing and protecting the commercial explosives industry’s interests in Washington, D.C.

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