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New Power Tool Video Launched - Explores How Explosives Impact Our Daily Lives

The Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME) and the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) jointly announce the release of Explosives: The Power Tool.  The all-new video, themed “Imagine a World Without Explosives,” was developed to educate the public, students, regulators and legislators about the importance of explosives to our daily lives while stressing the safety and security values of the explosives industry. 
First developed in 1969 and originally titled Tools for Progress, Explosives: The Power Tool was last revised in 2007.  The IME Power Tool Subcommittee expanded on the original vision and launched the development of the new film in 2017.  Many manufacturers, distributors, and users of explosives provided extraordinary access to their operations and personnel, allowing the viewer an inside look at the commercial explosives industry. 
 “The vision for this project was to highlight the benefits of the explosives industry to society and expand the audience this project could reach. We want viewers to recognize that without explosives, the quality of life that we enjoy today would not exist,” stated IME Power Tool Subcommittee Chairman Seth Burns (Nelson Brothers LLC).
The theme, “Imagine a World Without Explosives” opens a door for the audience to recognize that nearly everything we touch or use in our daily lives starts with an explosion.  The release includes a full-length video with individual chapter options for History, Statistics, Safety & Security, Technology, Products, Environment, and Careers, which is an ideal layout for education and training.  The video is sponsored by Nobel Insurance. 

Explosives: The Power Tool Video

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