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IME Recognizes Four Companies With the Tricia Appleton Award

Award Given Annually to Companies with the Highest Safety Rating in the Commercial Explosives Industry


WASHINGTON – The Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME) today announced at its 2023 Spring Meeting that Tricia Appleton Award 2023 four companies were honored with the prestigious Tricia Appleton Award for having the best overall safety record for 2021.

Based on the lowest total recordable incident rate (TRIR) reported to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), the award has been given annually to the IME member companies with the best safety records.

“It’s a privilege to congratulate these four companies for creating and adhering to a strong safety culture in the commercial explosives industry,” said IME President Clark Mica. “Each year, these awards become more competitive and highlight the exemplary efforts our companies are making to ensure a safe working environment for the dedicated men and women in our industry’s workforce.”

The four companies receiving the Tricia Appleton Award include Enaex; Senex Explosives Inc.; Vets Explosives Inc.; and Teledyne RISI, Inc.

A long-time employee of Halliburton’s Jet Research Center, the late Tricia Appleton was an advocate for safety and pushed to recognize those IME member companies with outstanding safety records. The year after she died in 2003, IME members accomplished Tricia’s goal of having nearly 100 percent of all IME member companies begin participating in the association’s Injury and Illness Reporting Program.

“Each year we give these awards, we honor the legacy of Tricia Appleton,” said Tim O’Brien, President of Detotec North America and Chairman of the IME Board of Governors. “This year, it’s an honor to recognize these four companies who have demonstrated excellence in the safety of the commercial explosives industry.”

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